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So there might be some times I post articles i don’t agree with.
However, the only way I believe to keep the conversation about UAPS going is to post unpopular opinions as well as what we want to hear or what we want to believe.
It keeps me grounded.
There is ongoing debate about TTSA and their motivation behind their push for disclosure.
I personally believe Luis Elizondo, Tom Delonge, Chris Melllon, and everyone else at TTSA has nothing but the best intentions about informing the public about this phenomenon.
Do I always agree with statements made by TTSA?
Of course not.
Even the people I respect the most in ufology im going to disagree with on occasion.
It happens and it should happen to keep us from developing tunnel vision and possibly missing out on crucial pieces of info that could bring about a historic revelation.
I can get pretty damn stubborn sometimes in my own personal beliefs about certain things in ufology and I have to check myself from time to time.
We all like who we like in this field for our own personal reasons and if I disagree with someone I respect dearly, its gonna be ok.
You know why???

Cause aliens 👽
…thats why 👊👊👊

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