Evp psychosis follow up………

A few weeks ago I posted my short story about evp research and the evidence I had been reviewing. I briefly talked about white noise as well and how disembodied voices are said to have the ability to manipulate said sound to communicate.

Well, a few nights ago I was laying down ready to turn in early and not feeling well. There was no white noise at all distracting me as well, just for the simple fact I needed extreme silence due to my headache.

When I got comfortable and covered up, a female voice spoke to me at what sounded like a tone just above a whisper maybe?

She said “wake up”!!

Normally I would have freaked out immediately, but I was so tired and felt crappy, I layed there for a second and thought to myself why? Its the middle of the night! There’s no reason to get up now!

Then as soon as the thought went through my head, not saying it out loud, I heard a male voice say “yes there is”.

Thats when I sat up and freaked the fuck out! I looked around….took a quick walk, and I mean quick walk around and laid back down wondering what the hell just happened.

So a female tells me to wake up

Me being annoyed I think to myself….there’s no reason to….and the male says yes there is. Ok??

I sat up for a bit….checked my email and messages. Checked social media and whatever else I could think of. And nope!! No reason for that.

I wasn’t even gonna mention this particular incident in a blog due to being sick and overtired. But it spooked me. And not alot does anymore.

Take it with a grain of salt…..i do of course as with anything unusual. Its part of what paranormal research is about.

But I figured I better write this one down just in case.

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