What is electronic voice phenomena?

There are a few theories about electronic voice phenomena (EVP’s) and how it actually happens through audio recording devices. However, I will save you the technical jargon and tell you how it generally works for the purpose of explaining my story.

Paranormal investigators have been using audio recording devices for as far back as I have gotten in my research into the pioneers of the paranormal.

The idea is quite simple.

Take a digital voice recorder (typically the handheld devices you see on your run of the mill TV shows such as ghost adventures or ghost nation), start recording while asking questions and eventually you will find direct responses or random voices saying random things through your recording device. There are other methods of collecting audio evidence but for the purpose of writing this blog. I will keep it simple.

Again, there has been different theories about how this is accomplished or if it’s even paranormal to begin with since it isn’t considered to be “scientific fact” by any stretch of the imagination.

I for one believe that it is a real and true phenomenon and would take hard data and additional research to change my mind.

So with the basic idea of what EVP’S are and how to obtain them, you will have a better idea of what my experiments entailed and what was I was doing to prompt me to write this blog.

An ill advised experiment in my own dwelling.

Since the pandemic started, I have been unable to get out and about to investigate different locations that  are said to be haunted. And, with getting restless I decided to investigate my own dwelling (Highly inadvisable by nearly everyone in the paranormal community) in spite of the fact I have never experienced any type of paranormal activity where I reside and assumed I wouldn’t find one shred of evidence whatsoever.

With the assumption I wouldn’t get any evidence, I didn’t bother to set up cameras to capture visual anomalies such as, apparitions, shadows, moving or levitating objects ect. and decided to start recording with my digital recorder.

The first few sessions I conducted were uneventful and was convinced I wouldn’t capture any EVP’S due to several factors including location, atmosphere, and contamination from other noises in my surroundings.

But then it happened!! In the early morning hours on a weekday I placed my recorder in a space where little contamination would interfere with any possible captures. Then another one and another one after that and before I knew it, I was going through hours of recordings and getting great evidence. Moreover, I was finding more EVP’s when I started uploading all of my files to an audio program that assists investigators by “cleaning up” (using filters to eliminate background and white noise coming through the recording device) files captured on a digital recorder.

Oddly enough however, alot of the EVP’s I was capturing was of entities asking me questions like, “what are you doing?” Or “what is that thing?” Or “what is that noise?”. All of the questions I asked never received a direct response except for one particular question which I will get to later on.

Voices varied as well, from male to female. Young and old. And different accents as well. It was like a train station with different types of people coming and going at a rapid rate with random messages and questions for me like I was working the information desk! It was incredible and I was loving it! Until things started getting a bit weird and downright uncomfortable.

I was starting to wonder why I was getting so many EVP’s and I began to question my methods so I reached out to a professional paranormal group to ask if the amount of activity I was getting was even possible. Surprisingly enough however, they assured me that it was possible and that from their experiences, EVP’s could be captured by the dozens in one session and in another come up empty. That made me feel a little better since it was a pattern I was seeing as well when doing multiple sessions.

So with that information I continued to record and analyze EVP’s on a regular basis going through hours and hours of recordings. But then the messages I was getting from the EVP’s were starting to turn negative and I began to worry a bit. I continued with my research however, looking for different theories and other ideas on how to further my studies into this phenomenon despite the fact that the messages were getting hostile at this point and borderline abusive.

The messages contained hateful remarks and name calling which got to the point that every time I did a session, there would be a negative presence and the messages were demeaning,  abusive, and threatening. It was then of course I began to wonder what was happening and what had changed. Was this some sort of demonic attack? Did I unwittingly open up a portal? Perhaps I was just going crazy from all the time I spent listening to recordings and going through hours of evidence? I needed to take a step back and figure out what the hell was happening!!

Needless to say I put everything on hold and discontinued analyzing evidence and stopped recording anything new. I began looking for investigators with similar experiences and came up empty handed. Is that due to investigators being afraid to share their stories in fear of being ridiculed or dismissed and told to seek help from a medical professional? Possibly. Another possiblity is that maybe these investigators are in denial that something is really happening and try to write it off as something mundane and more realistic.

It was at that point I started looking elsewhere for answers and came across a blog I stumbled upon using Google search. To my surprise, the blog was about the dangers of EVP experiments. And the individual who wrote it, was explaining the exact same thing I was dealing with!

In his blog, he describes his EVP experiments and his unsettling experiences with what I call disembodied voices. Long after he discontinued his work, he remained tortured by these voices and was forced to seek help from a medical professional.  His story spoke to me on the deepest level and I was amazed by the similarities between both of our experiences. Furthermore, I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear about someone else’s personal experience and knowing I wasn’t the only one.

It left me with unanswered questions however,  and not knowing if I was loosing my mind or being attacked by unseen forces. So with that being a serious concern for me, I had to look at what I knew so far.

First and foremost, the evidence captured on my digital recording device.

Some of the EVP’s captured were undeniable voices that were unexplainable due to the fact I was completely alone in the places I received them. Furthermore, the same EVP’s were analyzed by someone whom I trust and has an objective opinion about such phenomena. Other EVP’s captured however, are up for debate and admittedly can be dismissed as auditory pareidolia.

So the possibility of what these EVP’s are also up for debate and I will try to explain both sides of the argument as best as I can beginning with different theories the paranormal community has proposed.

It has long been debated in the paranormal community that trying to communicate with otherworldly entities could open portals to our world giving these entities free reign to wreak havoc on our otherwise normal lives. Not only by using ouija boards to communicate, but by any method that involves communication with said entities including digital recoders and other electronic recording devices leaves one susceptible for aggressive forms of physical and emotional attacks.

Whether you believe these entities to be  ghosts, demons, angels, or perhaps interdimensional beings including extraterrestrials is up for each individual reader to decide for themselves. And for each theory, there’s room for discussion and different ideas I will be writing about in future blogs.

Now the other theories proposed by mainstream science are obviously a little more down to earth but still debated amongst their own communities.

Auditory peiradolia is definitely the most popular, not only by scientists, but paranormal researchers as well. In general terms, auditory pareidolia is when the brain is trying to comprehend and process random and mostly constant humming sounds that can be misinterpreted as speech or something else entirely. “White noise” is most often the culprit. This type of noise of course refers to fans, air conditioning units, the humming of a refrigerator, running water, or even a hair dryer. Listening to this type of noise for long periods of time has been said to trick the brain into thinking it has heard someone speak or in extreme cases cause mild visual hallucinations as well.

Auditory processing disorder is something else I’ve come across when looking for explanations. This disorder is pretty close to auditory pareidolia with a few more symptoms such as memory issues dealing with sound and one I relate most to, is constantly saying “what” or “huh” after someone trying to talk to me!!

Other theories are important to consider as well I’m terms of technology issues. Radio interference coming through a digital recording has been documented as well as cell phone signals, CB radios, and other forms of wireless technology.

Now after considering all of that in my experiments and creating the most possible controlled environment I could under the limited resources I have to work with, I still found what I believe to be legitimate electronic voice phenomena. It’s you the reader that has to make your own decision as to what you believe it is and nothing I can present to you could change your mind anyway.

The final piece of the mystery is why I continued to hear these disembodied voices long after I discontinued my experiments. And just as the article I came across stated, there’s an element of fear and concern for my own well being.

The disembodied voices have dramatically decreased over the past few weeks and I have terminated my experiments indefinitely. Unless of course I find an immediate solution, I will have to focus my research elsewhere and hope that other aspects of the paranormal will bring satisfying results.

The fact that I found most people who had the same experience in mental health forums telling. Some of them being seasoned paranormal investigators didn’t make me feel better at all either. And the fact that alot of investigators I’ve talked to about this particular issue makes me wonder if it is just a mental health issue.

Even if that is the case, it needs to be addressed by the paranormal community and taken seriously because even if it is a psychological issue rather than being a legitimate otherworldly threat, it’s detrimental that people understand that this is a real thing happening to otherwise healthy and well adjusted everyday people.

I was fortunate enough to have found the article of someone who experienced the same thing and was able to put the situation into perspective. I also hope that sharing this experience will prompt other people to come forward with their own stories and feel safe talking about it. Especially people involved with paranormal research. I would be doing a disservice to myself as well as new and seasoned investigators by not sharing my story.

I will put the blog I found in link below to read his story as well.

One last thing……….the question I asked that I had gotten a response from: Is your name Lucifer? The response: yes…………cue spooky music…….

Here is the link to the blog by B. Edwards:


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